Jamison Fire Hall

I participated in a Multi-Consultant Sale at the Jamison Fire Hall.

The fire hall accidentally double booked their rooms, so they pulled out their firetrucks and had their Safety Meeting in another room and let the LuLaRoe party go on as planned.

Although it was hot outside today for one of the few times this year, I was able to stay cool with the air conditioning.  Thank you to all the ladies who stopped by to shop or chat!


Hello.  This is my my first post on my new website.  My name is Loralee and I am an Independent Fashion Retailer selling LuLaRoe clothing.  I sell both in my home in my LuLaRoom and in my Mobile Boutique.  My Mobile Boutique can be set up at most locations and features over 1,700 pieces of clothing, two changing rooms, electricity provided by a generator, air conditioning, and heat.

This last weekend I was set up at Sleepy Hollow Campground in Corfu, NY.